budapest zoo
budapest zoo

The Budapest Zoo is home to 8,807 animals of 856 species, which makes the collection one of Europe’s most diverse, the zoo said in a statement on Thursday.

A total of 131 species of mammal, 152 species of bird, 125 species of reptile, 32 species of amphibian and 204 species of fish are on display at the zoo, the statement said. There are also 206 species of invertebrate, around half of which are insects, it added.

Adolf Lendl, who headed the zoo between 1911 and 1919, was the first director who made efforts to present a diversity of species and was thus 50 years ahead his time, the zoo said, adding that this applies when it comes to plants, of which there are more than 4,000.

Budapest Zoo occupies 17th place on the Sheridan list of top zoos in Europe, level with Copenhagen and Dublin.

As we wrote December, Hungary’s brand new spectacle is open at Budapest Zoo’s Holnemvolt Castle. This new institution offers insight into different kinds of shark species and how the new-born sharks at the zoo are being taken care of and raised by the zookeepers. Visitors also get the opportunity to try out some of the zookeepers’ tasks, to get closer to these animals and deconstruct common misconceptions about sharks. More details HERE.


SóstóZoo, the zoo of Nyíregyháza, became the best European Zoo from 44 contestants in the 250-500 thousand visitors/year category, read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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