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Insider published a list that was put together by two travel bloggers, who collected the 23 coolest neighbourhoods in Europe. We’re happy to report that Budapest’s 7th district is listed in the 17th place.

The bloggers ranked the 23 coolest neighbourhoods by three aspects: culture, creativity (cafés, shops, art galleries etc.) and the values of the city. The bloggers’ hipster hangouts are spread all over the continent, from Manchester to Berlin, and include everything, from the former Soviet borders to self-proclaimed republics and anarchist squats. They think that we should all put the listed places on our bucket lists.

Budapest’s famous 7th district is listed in the 17th place. You might know that it is quite popular among tourists, because it offers a wide variety of entertainments for affordable prices. Several websites have praised this district in the past years, highlighting its unique atmosphere.

“Budapest’s 7th district — which was once home to the city’s Jewish community — is famous for its ruin pubs. The bars are based in abandoned houses, cellars, and factory buildings, and are furnished with reclaimed and recycled objects, from chairs and tables to old cars. As well as offering cheap drinks, they can be a window into Budapest’s history over the last century” writes


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  1. Cool as long as you don’t have to live there. With all the noise, vomit and piss, every store being replaced
    by a bar and every cellar hole becoming yet another “club”.

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