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It is fashionable nowadays to , a carb-free diet to maintain our summer bodies, but let’s be honest here. Everybody craves a big bowl of pasta once in a while. It can be the ultimate comfort food or the fanciest cheat meal. It comes in all shapes and sizes, and we love them all! Here are a few places in Budapest where you can have some pretty awesome pasta.

Ape Regina

Ape Regina is the perfect choice if you are in the mood for Italian and have a big appetite. This is an Italian all you can eat restaurant with a Sicilian chef. Of course, they offer an a la carte option too, if you are not a big eater. Their dishes are based on South-Italian recipes and are made with ingredients of the highest quality.

They have an extremely wide pasta selection at the grill area. You get to pair any type of pasta (including the classics like fusilli, spaghetti, penne, farfalle, etc.) with any sauce you like from their list. Obviously, they have the classics like Bolognese, carbonara, and arrabbiata, but there are more unique options as well. Once you made up your mind, you tell your order to the cooks who will bring the finished pasty right to your table.


If the Buda side is closer to you, Alessio is the place for you. It is situated in the green belt of Buda, amidst green tree-giants and grand villas from the 1930s. Their menu caters to traditional Tuscan tastes with ingredients straight from Italy.

Alessio Italian restaurant

I would personally recommend the sizzling shrimps with garlic and chili chillitarters, and their arrabbiata pasta, if you do not mind some spice in your food. The restaurant’s atmosphere is very cosy and welcoming. This is the place where the phrase “dolce vita” comes to life. The place is not too large, so I would definitely recommend making a reservation in advance.

Trattoria Venezia

This Italian restaurant is located in the heart of Budapest at József Boulevard. They have 20 versions of Italian pasta on their menu. The place is very romantic, ideal for a date night.


Trattoria Toscana

Trattoria Toscana aims to introduce the original Tuscan cuisine to the people of Budapest, which is focused on simplicity.

Trattoria Toscana pasta

The restaurant considers it “highly important to use only the best quality products of the Italian suppliers” and they regularly visit their suppliers to monitor their quality standards and to check their production processes. There are over 15 different pasta dishes on their menu, and you basically can’t go wrong with any of them.


If you are looking for something fast and cheap, go for Bellozzo. The staff is always quick and ready to whip up some delicious pasta for you.

budapest food pasta

You can wait by the counter, while your food is being prepared, and can not only see how it is made but you can also individualise your meal a bit (choose well-made or al dente pasta, ask for extra spice or garlic, choose cheese type, etc.). If you have read this far, you might guess that my go-to pasta is always arrabbiata, this is what I always get, and I would recommend to give Bellozzo’s a try.

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Source: Daily News Hungary

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