From mid-May, anyone can visit Budapest’s new historic coffee house, Royal Guard Café in the Buda Castle. In addition to the delicate aromas, the freshly renovated building brings us back to the old times of Budapest, thanks to its exhibition presenting the 260-year history of the Hungarian bodyguards.

The exhibition’s theme is not a coincidence, as the building was originally built in 1903 to serve as the main guard protecting the palace and the royal bodyguard. Even though the building survived World War II, it was destroyed in 1971. Its reconstruction began in 2017, within the framework of the National Hauszmann Programme, named after its Hungarian designer, Alajos Hauszmann. The renovation terminated last year;

the new historic coffee house located next to the Buda Castle has opened its doors to the visitors in mid-May.


Thanks to the exclusive location of Royal Guard Café, guests can enjoy a beautiful view on its terrace overlooking the Matthias Fountain.

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Next to the historic café, we can discover two banquet halls with a capacity of 80 and 40 seats, named after the first and second captains of the Hungarian noble bodyguard, Lipót Pálffy and Count Miklós Esterházy. The banquet halls can be reserved for events, for which fine dining service is offered with Hungarian-style dishes and thematic programs representing the top of gastronomy in the heart of Buda Castle.

As the Hungarian news portal Pestbuda reports, the kitchen is located below the café, and an event room has been set up on the upper level of the building where exhibitions can be held. Here we can visit the newly opened historical exhibition. More than five hundred paintings, lithographs and archival photographs present the 260-year history of the Hungarian bodyguards since the founding of the Hungarian Royal Noble Bodyguard in 1760.


The motto of the exhibition, “Let history be your story!” perfectly reflects the guest experience provided by the show. Within the framework of which, visitors can see contemporary bodyguard uniforms, helmets, decorations and personal materials. On the walls, photographs and portraits recall the contemporary life of the bodyguards.


The café and exhibition can be visited on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 11 am and 6 pm.

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