St John's Hospital roof leaking flood
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Several procedures and birthing beds had to be moved to another institution due to the serious water damage at St. John’s Hospital, Budapest. Recent storms tore down the temporary roof of the maternity ward which had been under construction.

There is serious water damage at Szent János Kórház (St. John’s Hospital) Budapest, hvg reports. There has been ongoing construction on the roof of the maternity ward’s building, and the storms managed to tear down the temporary roof that had been built.

The roof is leaking, floors are flooded, and the delivery room is considered life-threatening as water has been pouring down from the lamps on the ceiling. The damage is supposed to be fixed within a couple of days. Damage control has been underway.

The hospital won a tender that enabled the institution to build in the rooftop, creating family rooms for the Perinatal Intensive Care Centre. Changing the roof was part of this construction plan. The construction crew built a contemporary roof, but it could not hold against the heavy winds of the last couple of days. The contractor has already started working on damage control.

The hospital told hvg that the roof had been sealed and interiors are being restored. The repair work will be completed within a few days, and normal operation will be restored after the painting is finished. There has been no physical or static damage to the structure of the building.

The maternity ward has been moved to another floor so that deliveries can continue, and smaller procedures are still being done at the hospital. However, more serious procedures have been moved to another healthcare institution.

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