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Budapest’s surprise attraction: sharks

Budapest’s surprise attraction: sharks

Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. And even though it has got rivers (like the Danube and the Tisza) and a couple of large lakes, Hungary is surprisingly famous for its… SHARKS!

The New Europe webiste according, the sharks are among Budapest’s most popular tourist attractions. Hundreds of people come from far and wide each week to see the sharks swimming in huge tanks. This is all thanks to the Tropicarium Budapest, which is Central Europe’s largest aquarium.

sharkThe New Europe said, The Tropicarium opened more than a decade ago. The mastermind is a Hungarian businessman named Károly Farkasdi, who spent more than 30 years in Sweden. Today, the aquarium is home to many of Hungary’s freshwater fish, as well as huge predators from the deep seas. It also features a man-made tropical rainforest that is home to exotic birds and monkeys.

But it’s the sharks that attract the most attention. The eight sharks at Tropicarium swim in a tank that is four metres deep and contains 1.4m litres of salt water – enough to fill four Olympic size swimming pools.

Fina Aristic

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