Budapest, June 17 (MTI) – Hungary’s cabinet office head Antal Rogan has never met Tamas Portik, a notorious criminal, the office said in a statement on Friday.

Portik, who used to be an influential businessman and who has recently been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for murder, told in court earlier on Friday that he has known Rogan personally, and had at one point handed over to him an equivalent of 10 million forints in euros.

Portik was called to testify in a case between Rogan and opposition Egyutt deputy leader Peter Juhasz, at the latter politician’s request.

In its statement, the cabinet office voiced dismay that the court had turned down Rogan’s request to hear two police officers, who they said could deny Portik’s “false claims”.

The radical nationalist Jobbik party has proposed to convene parliament for an extraordinary session to hear the government’s reactions to Portik’s claims.

Jobbik MP Gyorgy Szilagyi called on Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his ministers to “leave the European football championship and return home from France” and tell parliament “why it can appear that a mafia is governing Hungary”.

Jobbik has also called for setting up an ad-hoc committee to investigate the case.

Photo: MTI


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