According to, the districts made a two-level proposal for the capital to introduce a congestion charge, Mayor Istvan Tarlos  said at the press conference.

First step: there would be a Budapest vignette which would be valid for the full administrative area of the capital (similar to the county sticker). Its annual cost would be HUF 5000. The charge may apply to the capital’s residents as well, but it is also imaginable that Budapest residents don’t have to pay for it. In the latter case, the system could bring a revenue of HUF 700-800 million per year, if everyone paid, it would bring HUF 2 billion.

Second step: there can be a more narrow 2. downtown area with an additional charge. Its limit is not known so far, but according to Tarlos, it would protect the city’s core. The amount of the fee has not been determined yet.

The mayor said answering the question of that he could tell the exact boundary and the fee of the inner zone, if it will be at all, in two weeks. Namely he wrote a letter to the Ministry of Interior and a government resolution can arrive within about two weeks.

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