Budapest, 2017. július 24. Elektromos töltõállomás a margitszigeti Casino felújított épületénél az avatás napján, 2017. július 24-én. Az épületet a 17. vizes világbajnokság alatt a szervezõk használják. MTI Fotó: Szigetváry Zsolt reports that the renovated building, the former Casino on the Margaret Island, was reopened on Monday. The Casino is one of the places where the organisers of the 17th World Aquatics Championship lodge during their stay in Budapest.

At the press conference before the opening ceremony, Éva Szántó, the managing director of Bp2017 Nonprofit Kft, said that the Casino (previously: Holdudvar / Moon garden) designed by Miklós Ybl was completely renovated.

Szántó has recalled the story of the Casino, emphasising that the renovation was part of the innovation series, which was started due to the championship.

She further added that over 180,000 spectators followed the sports events and it is till only the eleventh day. So far, Hungarians have been successful at fulfilling their roles as hosts. Szántó also said that Viktor Orbán, the prime minister of Hungary, invited Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee, for a lunch on Sunday. Bach congratulated Hungary on the excellent organisation.

Balázs Szeneczey, the deputy lord mayor in charge for city development, emphasised that the building’s renovation is an excellent example of how well the city takes care of its historical buildings. “This was a beautiful and efficient restoration. The Casino represents everlasting values, and its renovation fits well into the programme accepted by the capital’s local government four years ago. We plan to take the same good care of Margaret Island in the future with the same vigour” – said Szeneczey.

During the press conference, Szeneczey said that the organisers and the city both wish for the spectators to have a better experience during the championships than they would have expected.

The Casino will host the organisers tasked with administration during the championship. After the sports event, it can be used for conferences, or even weddings.

photos: MTI

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