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Castle of Csobánc – Videos of Hungarian Castles

Castle of Csobánc – Videos of Hungarian Castles

The castle of Csobánc was mentioned in written form around 1272.

Historians believe construction started in the early years of 1250. The castle itself is located on the hill of Csobánc, Hungary, 378m high from the sea level. It was not just a picturesque location, but also a strategical one in the Hungarian history.

In the XVI. century the Ottoman Turks were trying to conquer it multiple times, but they failed. After the Turkish regime was swiped out from the country, the Habsburg court added this castle to their “to be demolished buildings list”, but the upcoming revolution of Rákóczi hindered them from this plan.


One of the most significant day in the history of the castle was in 25th February 1707. The Habsburg army returning from Transylvania was unable to siege and destroy the castle. The castle itself was protected by 30 guards and 30 civilians, nobles living in this area with their woman and children. Though they were outnumbered against 1000 soldiers, the attackers didn’t succeed and they lost more than 400 men during the siege.

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Unfortunately a few years later, in 1709 the Habsburg Emperor’s forces gained access to the building, and soon they started to demolish it with gunpowder. Written remainings talk about castle ruins from 1722.

From 1950 the ruins were repaired several times, however, the remainings are in a bad condition today. The National Castle Programme is planning to maintain and reconstruct the castle remainings in 2018.

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