Several prominent figures of British cultural life have signed the open letter that is soon to be published in the UK, to draw the public’s attention to the recent events surrounding the Hungarian film arts university, and to express solidarity with protesters in Hungary.

The recent turmoil around the Hungarian University of Theatre and Film Arts (SZFE) is about to receive even wider international attention: an open letter is soon to be published in the United Kingdom, already with a very long list of supporters who are all very significant and famous figures of British cultural and public life.

The letter will talk in detail about the stages of the institution’s transformation from the appointment of the new board to the recent events of students occupying the university building and will ask the Hungarian government to withdraw its decision to pass the control over the institution into the hands of a private foundation.

The letter is aimed at giving a supporting hand to the students and the authentic leadership of the university, which is another victim in this “cultural war where the entire cultural sphere and its institutions are being ripped of their autonomy”, writes Népszava.

The petition was started by David Lan, former leader of the Young Vic Theatre in London, and has been signed by a large number of actors, actresses, directors, dramatists, and writers, including several world-famous artists such as Cate Blanchett, Helen Mirren, Eddie Redmayne, Peter Brook, and Pawel Pawlikowski. For the full list of supporters, click here.

Eva Green ritkán szelfizik. De úgy látszik most ő sem bírt magával. Ezt a portrét küldte nekem az imént. Szerinte…

Dikirim oleh Bence Fliegauf pada Senin, 07 September 2020

This is not the first time the turmoil around the film and drama university has received international attention. Several institutions and individual artists in the film and drama industry have expressed their solidarity, from the European Film Academy to the writer Salman Rushdie. Most recently, it was Eva Green to publish a photo to send her support to the protesters.

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  1. A couple of years ago I attended my daughters graduation at a famous art college in London. I was shocked to hear the Chancellor publically attack Brexit and President Trump.

    While I fully support everyone’s right to have their own opinion it simply will never be right for a university to act in such a political manner.
    I fully support the Hungarian govt attempt to cure the cancer of socialism in universities!

  2. Things must be dire if actors and actresses get involved. Their expertise in the world of make believe certainly must give credence to any opinion/action they have in the world of reality. Really?

  3. You, Bruce, are a defender of totalitarianism. You have no respect for cultural freedom, academic freedom, or the freedom of art. Some socialism is necessary to clean up the mess made by laissez-faire capitalism. You want to be a McCarthyite? That’s on you, and you alone. Take your censorship and your authoritarianism elsewhere.

  4. Cate Blanchett net worth 85 million….Helen Mirren net worth 40 mi….Eddie Remayne net worth 6 mil…pawel net worth 23 mil…Peter Brook net worth…100,000 to 1 mil.
    Certainly recipients of the evils of capitalism.

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