“Autumn came to Paris” (reference to “Autumn Passed Through Paris” by ADY) and so does fashion to Váci utca, Budapest. Due to the success of the fashion show in spring, Váci utca hosts an autumn show this time: 

“Let’s take a walk together through the autumn gateways of fashion on Sunday 7 September, when Váci Street is once again transformed into a fashion hub for one whole day!”

Autumn Fashion Show: 10.00 – 20.00, 7 September, Váci Street, Budapest

Since the Spring Show turned out to be a great success story, the “red carpet” will be rolled out for fashion again in Váci utca.

Surprisingly, the 100-meter-long carpet of the Váci Street Catwalk will be GREEN and will run from Millennium Courtyard to Régi posta Street.


We will have the opportunity to have a closer look at the collections of Orsay, C&A, Promod, Adidas, Humanic, Hard Rock Café and Budapest Couture, and learn more about Hungarian designers too. POP-UP Gallery, 1975 Fashion, Virág KERÉNYI and IGÉZŐ will also be among the participants.

Viktor KIRÁLY and Hien will “spice up” the show, says Vaciutcanegyed.hu.

“Autumn Passed Through Paris” by Endre ADY:

Written by Magdolna Magonyi

Source: http://www.vaciutcanegyed.hu/en/news/ujra-divatshow-a-vaci-utcaban

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