Visitors can sleep in 300 year old caves now because the Sirocave Barlang Apartmanok (Sirocave Cave Apartments) project is finally finished, reports

The Sirocave Ltd.’s management had been preparing for the project since 2009. First, the company leaders visited all cave-homes, and finally decided which caves are best suited to become apartments. The possible caves needed to meet several criteria, such as having a good panorama, enough space for a parking lot, a balcony, and had to be easily accessible by car. The apartments also have a good view to the castle of Sirok, to the village, and to the nearby hills. The plans were ready in 2011, and the company applied for funds in 2012, and in 2013. They received 37.2 million HUF, and the whole project cost 58 million HUF.sirocave

Gabriella Németh, manager of the company, emphasized that the project is unique in Hungary and in Central Europe as well. The caves give home to 8 apartments which can altogether accommodate 16 people: each section has a two-bed bedroom/living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom.  Families have access to adjoining apartments which can be interconnected. The company plans to build a wellness section with a Jacuzzi and a sauna, to provide an even more comfortable stay for the visitors.

Upon arrival, the visitors can receive the keys of the apartment, but the owner is not there constantly, thus booking is required prior arrival.

The project had to face many technical challenges: the caves had to be covered with watertight panels, and reinforced insulation was needed, but the spectacle is a great compensation for such a hard work. The Sirocave Cave Apartments are available all year around.

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translated by Adrienn Sain

Photo: Károly

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