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The 5 best things to see around Miskolc, the biggest city in North Hungary – PHOTOS

The 5 best things to see around Miskolc, the biggest city in North Hungary – PHOTOS

Miskolc lies in one of the most wonderful areas of Hungary where there are not only natural beauties but also other attractions in the city. However, surprisingly few tourists travel to the biggest city of North Hungary, maybe because it is so far from other big cities. reasons why you should visit this fantastic place.

 Miskolc Pass

This card helps visitors to make the best out of their stay and visit as many sights as possible on a budget. Miskolc Pass cards can be purchased online and at multiple locations in Miskolc for 24, 48, 72, and 120 hours as well.

University of Miskolc
Petőfi Square Miskolc
Földes Ferenc High School Miskolc

Photos: Wiki Commons

Cave Bath (Barlangfürdő)

The Cave Bath at Miskolctapolca is a must for everyone visiting Miskolc for any reason. Even though there are many thermal baths in Hungary, the unique Cave Bath will definitely be fantastic. When the weather is nice, visitors can swim outdoors, what is more, there is also a playground for children. With Miskolc Pass, you can enter the bath for free. It is available for one entry and the entire day.

Miskolctapolca Barlangfürdő Cave Bath Miskolctapolca Barlangfürdő Cave Bath

Photos: Wiki Commons by  Natalia Semenova


Not far from Miskolc, you can find a lovely small town called Lillafüred. It is hard to list all the wonders Lillafüred can offer: there are a 20 metres tall waterfall and a beautiful lake. Additionally, there is the mesmerising Hunguest Hotel Palota (Lillafüredi Palotaszálló) on the shore.


Lillafüred libegő park


Lillafüred lake tó hotel view

Lillafüred hungary


National Forest Railway in Lillafüred

Closeby to the National Forest Railway in Lillafüred (Lillafüredi Állami Erdei Vasút) one can admire the natural beauties of the area. Furthermore, it is a perfect programme for relaxing and spending some time away from the busy city. With the Miskolc Pass, you can enjoy this fairy tale journey with a return ticket for free. The train operates on a daily basis during the summer season and every weekend offseason.  If you prefer driving by car and also aim for an adventure, we offer you one of the most challenging drives in Hungary in the Bükk National Park.

Lillafüred erdei vasút forest railway

Photo: Wiki Commons by Szalax

Lillafüred erdei vasút forest railway

Lillafüred erdei vasút forest railway

Photos: Wiki Commons by Szalax

Castle of Diósgyőr

Those interested in history will be delighted because there is also a castle in Miskolc. The Castle of Diósgyőr was built in the 12th century and was renovated recently. There are guided tours in the castle. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy various programmes during the summer season. The Miskolc Pass makes the entry possible for free here as well as in six museums in Miskolc.

Miskolc castle Diósgyőr

Aggtelek National Park

Even though this national park lies a little bit further from Miskolc, it is definitely worth a visit. This is the home for hundreds of caves out of which visitors can explore many. The Miskolc Pass is accepted here as well. However, you will need to pay an entrance fee, but you will get a discount for having the Miskolc Pass.

Aggtelek cave karst


Featured image:ürediLibegőpark


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