Balaton Uplands view collected the most exciting routes in Hungary for those who love driving and exploring the country by car.


This is one of the curviest routes in Pest county, starting from Szentendre and ending in Visegrád. The speed limit is 50 km/h at the beginning, however, not for long. Where the main road meets another one, turn left by the Lajosforrás sign. Attention! This crossing may surprise drivers who do not expect it, so be careful. The route is not cleaned during winter; this is why it can be quite an adventure. You should pay extra attention during autumn and winter because there might be hidden obstacles on the sides of the road even if the rest is clean and dry.

Visegrád Szentendre map


If you are searching for a better quality road in the Pilis Mountains, this route is definitely for you. It starts in Pomáz/Budakalász and ends in Esztergom. You should take a rest by Dobogókő that is the top of the mountain. From the lookout there, you can admire the breathtaking landscape.

Pomáz Esztergom map


This journey starts in Pécs, at the László Ranga Street and ends in Abaliget. The street got its name in 2011 as a tribute to László Ranga, legendary racing driver from Pécs. He was a six-time Hungarian champion and won the European title two times. Here, you can watch one of his races between Oroszlány and Pusztavám.

Pécs Abaliget map

Bükk National Park

These two routes are the “Heaven of the Hungarian Rally Roads”. If you want to drive here, you have to be very cautious and careful due to the narrow blind corners quickly following each other. Take into consideration who you bring for these drives because they must not have a weak stomach!

Lillafüred Mályinka map

Felsőtárkány Bükkszentkereszt map


Starting from Balatonfüred, you can explore the beauties of the Balaton-felvidék (Balaton Uplands) ending your journey in Keszthely. This area is also called as the Tiny Provence due to its beauty. Furthermore, the by-roads’ quality is excellent, which makes your drive even more pleasurable. First, you should follow route 71 from Balatonfüred then turn right by Zánka. This way, you can enjoy the view in the direction of the Káli-Basin. Additionally, piece, calmly twisting roads, and culinary experiences are awaiting you on your way to Keszthely.

Balatonfüred Keszthely Balaton Uplands felvidék map


Even though the Tokaj Wine Region is breathtaking, we cannot tell the same about the roads surrounding it. This is because old and pot-holed sections and brand-new parts are changing each other here. The road is quite okay from Tokaj to Encs, but watch out with the Gibárt. There are two large double-turn-back crossings. There is not enough space for cars next to the trucks and busses, so traffic lights help the drivers out.

Tokaj Encs map

Photos: Google Maps [Maps include the distances and also the estimated time (‘perc’ means ‘minute’) of the drives.]

Featured Image: Wiki Commons by txd – originally posted to Flickr as Landscape in Hungary


  1. Excellent suggestions. I can’t wait to try them. It would be nice if there could be some suggestions for a restaurant or two that serve local foods.

  2. Excellent suggestions. I can’t wait to try them. It would be nice if there could be some suggestions for a restaurant or two that serve local foods.

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