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Oath-taking ceremony held in Szentendre

Oath-taking ceremony held in Szentendre

Nothing can substitute for or replace the nation states, including Hungary, „nothing but our native land can give us a home”, Defence Minister István Simicskó said at the oath-taking ceremony held in Szentendre after the completion of the basic training of the contingent of soldiers contracted for a fixed term.

The Minister said in his ceremonial speech delivered at the Hungarian Defence Forces Academy of Non-Commissioned Officers that, in the wake of Brexit and in light of the flow of migration, the answer of the leaders of the European Union was even more Europe and even less nation state, combined with ever fewer nation state decisions and powers, despite the fact that nothing can substitute for or replace the nation states.

He also added that Christian values are disappearing in Europe, and we must therefore also demonstrate and stand up for Christian values.

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Mr Simicskó said: as long as there are young people who undertake to defend the motherland by even sacrificing their lives, there is Hungary and the Hungarian people have a future. He pointed out that we are living today in cosmopolitan globalisation where the poor culture of lack of respect, hatred, discrediting and incitement is spreading ever faster. Those taking their oaths now, however, demonstrate that there are young people who like order, who take an oath to maintain security, who perceive values in the right light, and who profess the culture of respect.

The Minister quoted Ferenc Deák, who believed that the motherland can be built with deeds, rather than with incitement.

Mr Simicskó further highlighted that the Hungarian Defence Forces boast soldiers with excellent abilities and skills who are proving themselves also today around the world. There are some one thousand soldiers serving abroad, taking part in coalition forces represented by our NATO allies and the entire international community, and their expertise, skills and conscientious and brave demeanour are held in the highest esteem wherever they are present, he added.

He stressed: similar to this, Hungarian soldiers have fulfilled their duties to the highest standards also in the protection of our southern borders in the past eighteen months to two years. The Minister further reiterated that the development of the Hungarian Defence Forces had begun, the details of which are laid down in the Zrínyi 2026 Programme.

The Minister said: the Government recently decided to raise the defence budget by 0.15 per cent of GDP instead of 0.1 per cent, and thanks to this, the measures which seek to enhance the appreciation of soldiers can be continued with increased intensity. He added that the time for the modernisation of military equipment will also come, indicating that the first small steps in this department are already perceivable.

At the Thursday event 154 persons took their oaths in Szentendre.

Photo: Gergely Botár /

Source: Ministry of Defence/MTI

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