2017 marks the 15th anniversary of UNESCO awarding the Tokaj wine region with a World Heritage membership, in the category of cultural regions – reports origo.hu.

A tradition of one thousand years

The historic wine region of Tokaj-Hegyalja is unique in the world for its one-thousand-years of viticultural and wine tradition, which has not been subject to any change. The region has preserved its integrity throughout the centuries, along with the diversity of the rocks and soils, its special geographic position, the beneficial microclimate, and the uniqueness of the vineyards and the cellars of the cities and villages nearby. All of these contributed together to the worldwide popularity of the Tokaj wine, the Tokaji Aszú, and the Tokaj Furmint. The Furmint is actually very popular in the UK, where it is regarded as one of the best wines sold by Lidl. As we have written before, the Furmint was introduced to the UK in 2000 as a gift to the Majesty’s Chancellor and was regarded as a ‘useful gift’.

The most important goal of the UNESCO is to take global responsibility for the protection of the cultural and natural values in the world, and also to join hands with the nations to preserve and flourish the global values representing outstanding significance.

The Tokaj wines won several medals at the Challenge International du Vin wine competition in Bordeaux, this year

The Tokaj wine region is the artwork of man and nature

The fact that the wine region is among the UNESCO World Heritage sites, is telling of how well humanity and nature have worked together in this region. For this, there are many pieces of evidence, such as the imprint of the proto vine leaf from the Miocene period, the Botrytis cinerea, the sessile oak, the everyday life of the wine region, nature, the special fauna, the colourful streets, the unique world of tastes and the world-class wines.

The Bureau of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county, the Tokaj Wine Region Development Council and the Municipality of Hercegkút are organising a celebratory crafts’ day on the occasion of the 15th anniversary on August 25, 2017, at 2 pm at the Gomboshegy cellars at Hercegkút.

Source: origo.hu

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