The Northern coast of Lake Balaton has rightfully become one of the most beautiful and popular touristic regions in Hungary. The magic is guaranteed by the natural wonders of the Balaton Uplands, which include unique basins and monadnocks, and a rare flora and fauna.

The area lies between Bakony and the Plateau of Keszthely, thus bordering a region not only rich in natural spectacles, but also gastronomic experiences. The secret is probably the matchless and perfect harmony of water, mountains, vine-lands and historic monuments that characterises the region.

Some of the must-see places include Dörgicse, a village with a unique atmosphere among the hills, with old, stone, single-floor houses without any gardens, neat public places, and some new buildings that blend into the landscape.

You should also visit Felsőörs, known for one of the most significant monuments from the Árpád era, and Óbudavár, a small village surrounded by vineyards and parks.

One of the most visited spots in the Balaton Uplands region is Kapolcs, the home of “The Valley of Arts” festival. Furthermore, there’s also Kékkút with its mineral water that is famous all around the country. The pride of the village is the oldest folk house of the Káli Basin, from 1799, which can be visited as a monument.

The Balaton Uplands is truly a diverse destination. If you don’t believe us, or you’re simply a visual type, watch this amazing drone video shot by Roland Molnár. It perfectly reflects the magical atmosphere of the area. The pleasant music also helps you relax and switch off for two and a half minutes. Enjoy 🙂

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