The eve of the First World War could look like something like this: overall uncertainty, termination of the usual solving channels, lack of solidarity, zugzwang, sending messages all remind of that, said.

There is an English phrase which now famously describes the maneuvers of the countries affected by migration: “dick move”. It is hard to say from when, but here in Central Europe, “dick move” diplomacy has been dominating our external relations for a few weeks.

Without a firm Brussels or even German action plan or resolution, everyone quickly threw aside all kinds of solidarity. First, the Greeks let through all refugees, but they have been doing it for a few years. Then the Macedonians and the Serbs gave up and started to transport everyone in an organized way to the Schengen border. In early September, Hungary has also started the transport to international pressure (but since mid-July, thousands of people entered the country illegally every day), and then Austria quickly failed, then Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Closing of borders was the next Hungarian “dick move”, which solved our own problems for a while; just the Croats throw in the towel.

Everyone is a humanist as long as there are no asylum-seekers

Everyone had a wide mouth until the first few thousand unstoppable, no-registering refugees arrived and occupied a few highways or railway stations. It was easy to scold the Hungarian government and police, since they just to take action; there were slurs and astonishments from the Romanian Prime Minister through to the Austrian, Serbian and Croat colleagues until the EN Secretary General. We could experience that a Serbian Minister indoctrinated us from human rights. Peter Szijjarto, leader of the Hungarian diplomacy responded all of these by summoning the given ambassador, then he issued a very fractious, often quite offensive communication, in which he explained that everyone is stupid unless us. Anyway, there was truth in this, regardless of the language.

The eve of the First World War could look like something like this: overall uncertainty, termination of the usual solving channels, lack of solidarity, zugzwang, sending messages all remind of that. At least, not of a functioning, united Europe where nobody is left behind, where we act together on issues that go beyond the appropriate degree of curvature of cucumbers. Of course, neither Orban, nor the other Visegrad countries were partners, but the Hungarian Prime Minister is right about that talking about quotas or other things interpreted by bureaucrats will only make sense if it is managed to control the registration of people arriving in Europe. So far, nobody has a better idea than what the Hungarian government made at the southern border, undertaking the inhumanity which comes with it, said.

Casus belli

The Friday events happened at the Croatian-Hungarian border are in the slapstick category. What the hell did the Croats think when they had sent a train through the border, under red alert with forty armed Croatian policemen on the board? Such steps start wars in a bad case. and guess who is lying? The Croatian government, according to which it was arranged, or the Hungarian which says it was not, yet they were waiting for the train on the Hungarian side?

The tense situation has caused a lot of damage so far, but it does not end there. If there will not be some kind emergence solution no later than the special EU summit, we will face serious problems in the coming period, said.

Update: The answer has arrived to the who is lying? question, directly from the Croatian Prime Minister: “There was no agreement with the Hungarians. We forced them to accept the refugees by sending the people there and we will continue to do this.”

Update: According to the correspondent on the spot, the Hungarian police asked the Croats to come, and the train got a green signal. This may reduce the power of the Croatian dick move, but does not diminish it in substance.

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