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The Centre for Fundamental Rights welcomed the OSCE’s final report published on Friday about Hungary’s 2014 parliamentary election but noted that it included “several incorrect conclusions about details of the election rules.”

The OSCE report objectively highlighted that the April 6 parliamentary elections were efficiently administered and offered voters a diverse choice following an inclusive candidate registration process, the centre said in a statement. The report also correctly stated that the election administration functioned efficiently and met all electoral deadlines, the candidate registration process was inclusive and in the polling stations visited, election day was generally conducted in an organized and transparent manner, and election procedures were followed, the statement added.

However, the centre said that the OSCE report also included a number of inaccuracies and repeated the incorrect statements about legal regulations already included in the OSCE preliminary opinion. One example is the criticism by OSCE of details of election rules, it added.

According to the centre, the majority of criticism “could be based on misunderstanding or incorrect knowledge of the legal environment.”

As a result, the centre will prepare in the near future a comprehensive analysis of the disputed issues in the OSCE mission’s final report, the statement said.

Source: MTI

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