Although CEU opened its campus this year in Vienna, the internationally known university would like to keep its presence in Hungary. The educators of the institution established the Bilbó István Free University, wherein Hungarian-language students can learn about public life questions.

Index reported that the seed of this project was that many educators believed that in Hungary, there is no opportunity (or at least not that many) to talk about issues related to public life. It is also essential that everyone with different political, ethical and life views are welcomed to study at this university in the future.

They also stated that slowly, the world’s new generation grows up with the knowledge of immoderate communication about these issues. This newly established institution would like to prevent this factor.

CEU‘s new university offers courses for everyone interested in political activism and keens on learning about political, economic and social questions related to the European Union and Hungary.

In the autumn semester, three seminars will educate students about the Treaty of Trianon and the freedom of the media in Central-Europe and Hungary. Every university teacher comes with a different political view, and they expect applications of students with different perspectives as well.

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