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Police.hu informs the public that several passages of the Code of Administrative Offences is going to change from 1 January 2016 according to the followings (this is a list of the most important changes):

  • In order to make the process of detection and verification of the various offences easier the institution of request is introduced, but the number of institutions to which the police can reach out to is significantly reduced. In order to detect the unknown perpetrator of an offence committed by someone using a vehicle, the governmental and local municipalities, authorities, public institutions, commercial entities, and civil organizations can be reached out to. The requested party has 8 days to fulfill the obligations of the requesting authorities. If they fail to fulfill the obligations the requested party may be fined.
  • Statutable properties can be confiscated on the spot by the acting bodies and authorities if the appropriate take-over certificates are available.
  • The scope of infringement procedures that can be used to capture a wanted person widens. According to the new amendment authorities have to issue an arrest warrant against any person who had been sentenced to detention because they failed to pay a fine (either by cheque or an on-the-spot fine), or did not complete the requested community work, and failed to appear at the selected prison in the appointed time and date and they even could not be contacted.
  • The law considers the obtainment and possession of less than 10 grams of new psychoactive substances as infringement, and their evaluation falls under police jurisdiction.
  • Any perpetrator can be immediately confined if they disrupt the functioning of public facilities. Any act is an infringement if the person disrupts the functioning of public facilities intentionally or out of neglect, and does not cause a significant malfunction, and the damage – caused intentionally – costs less than 50.000. The evaluation of the infringement falls under court jurisdiction, and the police conducts a preliminary procedure for the court.

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