Budapest, December 13 (MTI) – A local public prosecutor has brought charges against a Syrian man who is suspected of attacking a military guard at the Röszke border point, a prosecution spokesman said on Tuesday.

Ferenc Szanka of Csongrád County’s prosecution office said the man in police custody is charged with carrying out a violent armed attack against a person on public duty.

According to the charges, the accused attempted to cross the border in the vicinity of Röszke from Hungary into Serbia on October 13. The accused was legally in the European Union, having been registered as a refugee in Germany.

The victim, a female guard, had been patrolling the border with her colleagues when she fell a few metres behind. At that point, the accused appeared and allegedly attacked the guard with a sharpened wooden stake. The other guards then intervened to stop the man from continuing the attack, according to the prosecutor.

Source: MTI

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