It looks like the Fudan University of China will be built on the site of the Budapest Student City, and according to a number of sources, the campus will be built on a Chinese loan, in Hungarian-Chinese design, with the help of Chinese companies – making it the perfect tactical and political choice as opposed to an urban beautification project.

Gergely Karácsony reacted on his Facebook page on Saturday to the news that the government has taken away the Student City, which has been the focus of politics for the last day, from Balázs Fürjes, and the implementation of the project is now supervised by Minister László Palkovics as government commissioner.

Még a saját embereit sem kíméli a kormány, hogy lakájtempóban kiszolgálja a kínai gazdasági-politikai érdekeket. Először…

Posted by Karácsony Gergely on Saturday, April 17, 2021

The government does not even spare its own people to serve China’s economic and political interests at a pace. At first, he threw the issue of cheap housing for more than ten thousand young Hungarians into a swamp, and then humiliated members of his own government,

said the Mayor in his Facebook post.

According to the mayor, the government is not sparing even its own people in order to “serve China’s economic and political interests at a pace.” Before stating that he would stand by the Budapest Student City at all costs, he assured Balázs Fürjes and Dávid Vitézy of his sympathy, who he said were put in a severely undignified position.

According to the politician, Viktor Orbán betrayed the agreement reached with the capital after the 2019 municipal elections to the first convenient situation, the oncoming Chinese delegation. Once the situation was clear, Karácsony and Baranyi protested, at which point Fürjes and Vitézy showed them their plans, in the hopes of reassuring them that both a Student City and a Chinese university can be built.

“The next day, it turned out that the plans presented were nothing more than a bluff because the Chinese university is indeed designed in place of the dormitory buildings. When we brought this up, a government resolution appeared in the bulletin late at night, which nullified the work, the hundreds of millions of forints that Secretary of State Fürjes and his team have spent on the plans for the Student City so far, and gave it all to Minister Palkovics, the prime minister’s favourite executive,”

wrote Karácsony, who said the night’s government decision revealed that they wanted to force the Chinese university to replace the Student City.

“I repeat: we will not let a single square metre be taken away from the Budapest Student City and the Budapest Great Forest,” the mayor stated.

Fudan-Corvinus Double Degree MBA
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  1. Wasn’t here an article last week that they dscided yo cancel this university construction due to involvement of a chinese spying scheme? What they opened the wallet a bit more, then it’s alright.

  2. Comrade Commissar Karácsony seems to ‘forget’ that he isn’t the Prime Minister of Hungary and – as such – certain projects are NOT within his jurisdiction, no matter what he thinks.

    When the Hungarian ‘sausage coalition’ is HUMILIATINGLY DEFEATED in next year’s election, will Dear Comrade remove himself from public life permanently OR stay around like a SMELLY FART in a tight pair of (poofie-woofie’s) underpants ?

    Most likely the latter ……

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