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Two recent incidents have demonstrated that there are murderers and other criminals among the migrants arriving at Hungary’s border, a lawmaker of the smaller coalition party Christian Democrats told the press on Friday in Budapest.

István Hollik noted that a Pakistani citizen wanted by police for killing seventy people had been arrested in a migrant group in southern Hungary on Tuesday.

The man, who had been granted refugee status in Greece, arrived in Hungary with a 42-member group, he said.  Read more news about “Pakistani butcher” HERE.

In another incident, three young Hungarians were attacked by eight migrants in a motorway service area in southern Hungary last week.

The migrants presumably tried to appropriate the car but the Hungarians managed to get away unharmed, Hollik said.

Hungary and the safety of Hungarians have to be protected, he said, and called on voters to use the government-sponsored survey dubbed “national consultation” to voice their opinions on the “Soros plan”.

While criminals arrive at the border, Brussels continues to work on “implementing the Soros plan and flooding the continent with migrants”, he said.

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Source: MTI

  1. As I wrote before, it’s a big mistake to treat unequal cases, especially if it concerns ideologies or religions openly calling for violence. This week, I was unfortunately affirmed in my concern and professional assessment that, in order to prevent terrorist attacks without treating the entire European population as prisoners, we have to stand up with specific policies for specific cases. This week also became clear that thousands of IS warriors return to Europe. Thousands of men who have committed inexhaustible atrocities. First of all, the news that there is a so-called Imam of Hate in my beloved The Hague (Holland). After some searching, the man appears to preach for 3 years from Islamic center Quba, located in The Hague, the place where I was born. In Belgium persona non grata by spitting his salafistic poison, the man has a free speak in The Hague. At the evening of this news I heared in the town hall of The Hague the Mayor Mrs. Krikke’s statement and I can’t blame her for that. The imam has a Dutch passport and for the law everyone is equal and so this man can’t be expelled without a clear violation. Opportunistic shouting about picking up and turning off are no more than that. Cry of the sidelines without chance of success. The greatest risk that I also talk to other Intelligence professionals about is the self-chosen naivety, where politicians are especially concerned about themselves. It is the idea that if we only meet the conditions of terrorists that they (terrorists) will adapt themselves to our way of life.
    This week also became clear that thousands of IS warriors return to Europe. Thousands of men who have committed inexhaustible atrocities. About 250 jihadists live in the Netherlands and 50 have returned. To travel to areas where mass decapitation and the sale of women and children to act as (sex) slaves are at the order of the day, you may assume that there is in any case a mental deviation or deep ideological conviction. However, in our grumpy society these men can return and reintegrate into relative safety in daily life. However, with this we receive hundreds of time bombs that we can hardly estimate, whether or not.
    One of the biggest risks I encounter in studying this kind of business is not the capacity of a Lonewolf terrorist or even a group of jihadists who are planning an attack. The biggest risk that I also talk to other Intelligence professionals about it is the self-chosen naivety, especially for politicians themselves. It is the idea that if we only meet the conditions of terrorists, they will adapt themselves to our way of life. The faith in the social society where everyone can express themselves and the illusion that everyone in the base is good or want to be good. That willful denial of the facts, but also the demonization of people who name the risks is one of the fundamental problems that have reduced the security of our entire continent.
    In the case Europe hatred and returning fighters, we must use beneficial citizens, neighbors, agents and intelligence services to map all the movements as a network for terrorists. How do we solve these problems? I will already offer 1 solution that can be used within the limits of the law and also increase social security. In the case of Holland hatred and returning fighters, we must use beneficial citizens, neighbors, agents and intelligence services to map all the movements as a network for terrorists. This can in many ways be an example of unannounced visits to prayer houses (mosques), for example by citizens or agents who are not suspicions. If they do that in a church, which is also located in The Hague, then it will appear that preaching each week with the same message of love for friend and enemy. The-re’s work to be done. In addition, we also need to work on constructive solutions that are acceptable to anyone who sees the risks. For example, funding is included. The financing of salafistic prayer houses is done through a network that is usually traced back to Saudi Arabia. To build a construction to prevent this will save us a lot of misery now and in the future. In addition, the easing of the arms law is an important condition for defending innocent civilians against attacks. However, for the most important measure, I return to the need to accept in which context equal treatment must be seen. Nobody can deny that fundamentalism has the same destructive influence on our society as the Islam. The question remains: When accept or representatives accept these facts?

  2. This is Holland, the country with honest journalists and open news channels on radio, television and newspapers. I mean really open and objective news and not propaganda by the State. It appears that the old Soviet times have returned here. When they can harm Hungary and its citizen they will do so. It is good to know that.
    Secret de-radicalization
    The waste of money that is called islam, politics and Amsterdam has hit back. Late mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, had a secret project: de-radicalization of islamists. Not that it was very secret, but it is called de-radicalization. And that while there is only one de-radicalization course that works: stopping mass immigration of Muslims. Everything else is a waste of money, disguised as a prestige project of mayors and politicians who must score for the stage.
    De-radicalization is a cover-up, which makes fun to the electorate.
    De-radicalization is a project for ‘advisors’ to collect our tax money.
    De-radicalization is mustard after the meal.
    The greatest talent of Dutch politicians is to slow down problems. They all know it better. Simple examples: closing of coffee shops (another word for selling drugs) leads to street trade and prostitution. Thus abuse of women out of sight. And immigrants should be represented at all times by their own species, both in politics and local gremia by cultural associations that claim to promote their own culture but in reality to stop integration in such a way that ‘de-radicalization programs’ were started here.
    It does not work but you should call the politicians involved really ‘nuts!’. Every normal Dutch man/woman knows that if you do not have uninvited strangers you do not need to start any unscheduled secret de-radicalization programs. The Netherlands is an immigration country, but what our politicians (and mayors too) forget is that there are also tribal people moving here because it’s better here. More freedom, more free money too. And politicians who claim this should remain free, should not act on the assumption that the Netherlands is a province of Arabia in all sorts and sizes. No normal Dutch men/women don’t like places of hatry, like mosques and the islamic education. Islamization, just because we have freedom of religion in the Netherlands, is a crime that takes place under the eyes of our politicians and legislators. Radicalization takes place in schools and mosques approved by the Dutch government. It is called the religious freedom. But when does the governing Dutch politicians agree to do something for the Dutch? When does a ruling Dutch politician say: The world has 45 Islamic countries, if you want islamic education, sharia and mosques, why aren’t you going to radicalize there?
    Without Islamization no radicalization, without radicalization no de-radicalization. Of course politicians do not understand logic, but to express this in normal Dutch language: Muslims or otherwise immigrants have to adapt the Dutch culture. It’s not that hard at all. How long will it be for Dutch politicians to stand at the side of normal Dutch men/women? Is confusion really needed?

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