Christmas time is in the air and people are getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Budapest would not be in the real Christmas spirit without its famous and beautiful holiday markets. In this article, we would like to show you in detail what you can see and do when you visit the Christmas market of Vörösmarty Square.

Europe’s most beautiful Christmas fair in Budapest has been held at Vörösmarty Square every year since 1998. This unique and spectacular fair attracts approximately 800 thousand tourists from November until the beginning of January. Usually, quality products (ornaments, traditional Christmas foods, cakes, sweets and drinks) are displayed and can be purchased at the market from 120 different craftsmen.

Budapest, Vörösmarty Square, Christmas, market, ornaments

Hungary’s most famous Christmas fair at the historical Vörösmarty Square is definitely worth visiting. The atmosphere, the Christmas scent, and the square’s beauty are truly amazing, especially with a glass of hot wine punch.

Budapest, Vörösmarty Square, Christmas, market, food

At Vörösmarty Square, you can buy endless types of Christmas decorations and even try out delicious Hungarian foods and drinks. For example, if you are walking around the fair, the Hungarian chimney cake and mulled wine are two musts to try out. In some places, you can even try out special dishes made out of wild animals: deer, wild boar, and rabbit. For the meal, a delicious glass of Hungarian red wine is recommended. The pavilions are located in a circle around the renovated square decorated with Christmas ornaments and lights, which give them a breathtaking look during the evenings.

Budapest, Vörösmarty Square, Christmas, market, pavilons

Besides shopping and eating, you can even enjoy spectacular light shows on the walls of Budapest’s iconic and historical confectionery, the Gerbeaud House. These shows are from December 1 until December 24, every day from 5 pm.

Budapest, Vörösmarty Square, Christmas, market, Gerbeaud

Also, a wide variety of musical performances awaits the guests on Vörösmarty Square. Hungarian bands, singers, and even performers from abroad will give a taste of their music with choreographed dance shows as well.

Budapest, Vörösmarty Square, Christmas, market, music

On December 6, visitors will also have the opportunity to meet the real Santa Claus.

Photo: MTI
Photo: MTI

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  1. I find the Budapest markets highly overpriced. It may be OK for rich tourists but it is too expensive for the average Hungarian.

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