According to, the popular cinema has been reopened on last Thursday as Tabán Kinotéka due to the five-year agreement between the Budavár Local Government and the Budapest Film Ltd.

The Tabán Movie Theatre founded by Manó Pécsi as the first cinema in Buda in the 1910s has been under reconstruction since December, 2013. The whole interior was refurbished and the latest digital projectors and modern digital sound systems were installed during the few months of the forced break.

In the Grand Re-opening Gábor Nagy, the Mayor of the 1st District of Budapest noted that the Board Members of the 1st District unanimously voted to support Tabán cinema on the February meeting. Thus the Local Government supports the operation and maintenance of the cinema with HUF 5 million annually. The Mayor highlighted: “This amount is a sufficient supplement to provide high-quality movies.” The Budapest Film Ltd. offered a 50% discount from the ticket price for those movie visitors who are studying in the institutions of the 1st District or residents of this District – he also added.

Zoltán Kőrösvölgyi, the manager of the Budapest Film Ltd. said that both the buffet and the entrance hall were completely renovated and the hall became larger, too. Free WIFI is also available in the building and Odeon Téka (DVD rental) is set here. Since the re-opening of the Cinema, visitors can book their tickets online from the website of Tabán Kinotéka. While there are 76 seats in the big screening room, the small one has 28 seats altogether.

The manager also pointed out that the Budapest Film and the organizers of the 21st Titanic International Film festival – which begins on 4th of April in Budapest – are discussing that Tabán Kinotéka can possibly be home to some films and works of the event. According to their plans, the refurbished movie theatre can be an additional venue of different other festivals as well.

In the beginning the name of the movie theatre was Palota, after 1954 it was called Diadal and it was only the last 24 years when it was known as Tabán. The cinema was opened again as Tabán Kinotéka with the Hungarian premier of The Grand Budapest Hotel on Thursday. The film written and directed by Wes Anderson was awarded with the Grand Prize at the Berlinale Film Festival.

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