Colin Farrell

The Hollywood actor, Colin Farrell was trying to remain in incognito; but eventually, the celebrity unintentionally uncovered himself in a kebab restaurant in Budapest.

According to the Hungarian news portal Ripost, the Golden Globe winner star was travelling around Budapest in incognito. The plan was going well – the Hollywood actor managed to hide behind his long beard – until a certain point when Farrell entered a kebab restaurant in the 7th District, where he unintentionally uncovered himself in front of the staff.

The celebrity made a “mistake” when he decided to pay by credit card, as his signature was required for the transaction. 

Colin Farrell in Budapest

A Ripost reader – who is a great fan of the Hollywood actor – visited the restaurant called Hari Kebab and interrogated the staff about every little detail.

“Colin Farrell is one of my favourite actors. I was thrilled when I saw the restaurant’s Facebook post. He is here in Hungary! I live close to the kebab restaurant; so as soon as it was possible, I went there and asked for the same food that Colin ordered”– reported Anna to Ripost who asked all the details about the star’s eating habits. 

“The staff said that at first, they did not recognise him because of his big beard, but paying by credit card uncovered him.

“So it turned out that he visited the restaurant not only once, but five times.

They said after revealing his identity, he was very nice and friendly, and usually returned to them during the day”– continued the young woman.

“So I asked what he ordered. Every time he ate a small döner kebab – including veal, a lot of onions, lettuce and hot sauce, but without tomato, as he does not like it”– commented the young woman who also made a photo of the dish.

According to Ripost, the American film actor has come to Hungary for the shooting of the mini-series, The North Water. Colin Farrell has visited our country for the first time, and it seems like – similarly to his colleagues – he feels very well here. This can be proved by the fact that after work, he scheduled to explore the Hungarian capital instead of having a rest.


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