The police is still looking for one of the hooligans rampaging in the subway: he was wearing a baseball cap and breeches, and there is a video of him.

According to, multiple people (with a conductor among them) were attacked in Budapest by four men, three of which have already been arrested, stated the police on Saturday evening.

On Saturday, between 6 and 7 am a 19 years old man from Monorierdő, a 22 years old man from Budapest, a 20 years old man from Biatorbágy and their unknown companion harassed multiple passengers and attacked the metro’s conductors at the Deák Square station of Metro 3.

They vanished from the subway before the arrival of the police. Three of the attackers were caught within a couple of hours, and they were interrogated as suspects for assault on a representative of public authority and truculence. They were taken into custody and their preliminary arrest was initiated.

Their fourth companion is being sought according to the records of a surveillance camera. If you have any information about him, call 06-80-555-111, the police on 107 or the central emergency number 112. Here is the video record about him:

There is no information about whether the assaulted people got hurt or not.

Photo: Youtube

Ce: bm


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