demonstration Sunday Budapest

Civil organisations and opposition parties held a demonstration against a recent law on extending voluntary overtime in Budapest on Sunday.

The amendments to the labour code approved on Wednesday raise the upper threshold for annual overtime from 250 hours to 400 hours and extend the period employers may account overtime for the purpose of calculating wages and rest days from twelve months to three years, read more HERE.

Demonstrators marched from Heroes Square along Andrássy Boulevard, Teréz Boulevard and Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Street to Kossuth Square.

demonstration Sunday Budapest
Photo: MTI

Addressing protesters, Tamás Székely, deputy head of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation, said the government does not protect workers, adding that the unions would organise strikes and fight against this law in every workplace because they “will not allow slavery to be introduced in Hungary”.

Ildikó Borbély Bangó, a lawmaker of the Socialists, said the government had “turned Hungary into the poorhouse of Europe over the past eight years”.

Independent liberal MP Anett Bősz said “we are fed up with the government’s oppressive measures” because no government can restrict people’s fundamental rights.

Co-leader of the green LMP party Márta Demeter demanded fair wages instead of “slave work”. She spoke out against politicians “serving the interests of multinationals”.

Tímea Szabó, co-leader of the Párbeszéd party, said the prime minister “betrays his own people because the slave law will tear millions of families apart”. She called for resistance, which “should continue until the government withdraws the slave law”.

Independent MP Bernadett Szél said the only way to end oppression is to fight against it in unity.

Ágnes Vadai, a lawmaker of the Democratic Coalition, said she is “fed up with the government riding roughshod over everyone while tolerating fraudsters and robbers”.

Jobbik MP Andrea Varga-Damm said they are demonstrating because “the government had turned against its own country and people”.

A message was read out to the crowd from Catholic Bishop Miklós Beer, who called on demonstrators to refrain from violence. He expressed his respect for the protesters’ determination, but warned that arson and violence undermine their intention of achieving peaceful goals.

The crowd completely filled Kossuth Square, where the parliament building was protected by police lines.

demonstration Sunday Budapest
Photo: MTI
demonstration Sunday Budapest
Photo: MTI


demonstration Sunday Budapest
Photo: MTI


Anti-government demonstration in Győr

demonstration Sunday győr
Photo: MTI


budapest demonstration
Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

  1. While I am the biggest Fan of Prime Minister Orban on practically Everything, his uncomprehending Interest in the Success of the degenerate, 3rd World, EU…&, above All the godforsaken European Parliament, is the biggest Calamity to befall Hungary since Trianon.

    As long as Hungary’s biggest Export to Europe are young Hungarians, of Course, there is going to be a Labor Shortage.

    What Hungary should be doing is leading the Visegrad 4, out of the EU, into EFTA…replacing Geneva (which is not the Home of Embasies), to Bratislava( which is)…& having “EFTA Bratislava”, take on EU Brussels, as the “Political Capital of Europe”.

  2. You mean young Hungarian who then have to work 12-14/hr days and often not be paid for overtime… 🙂

  3. What does Bernadett Szél know about “unity”? What did the clowns protesting at the TV station think they were trying to achieve? The way to win against Fidesz, if they are at all serious about it, is to create a uified opposition, with clear policies and a credible alternative Prime Minister. (Szél is clearly not that alternative).
    Anyway, why so much concern about the mainstream media, when all the conspiracy theorists think that Russian bots on Facebook won the presidency for Donald Trump and brought Brexit to Britain?

  4. Sadly, Orban & Macron may have more in common than Names that rhyme.

  5. Everything that has been going on in the demonstrations over the past few days, are a pack of lies. The opposition parties have been waiting for an opportunity to cause kaos in Hungary for some time. Remembering back to the elections in 2010, Gyurcsány said he would get back at Orbán Viktor. He even said something of the same in parliament after the Obán Viktor win. Gyurcsány has always been full of agression against those who oppose him. 2006 was a prime example, and shortly after that two interviews he had with the British media, where he was refered to as a liar. All this agression has been started by him, Gyurcsány, along with the Socialists, Liberals and of course Jobbik, backed by Soror’s organisations. Refering back to how it started, the law on overtime, many a true lie was not said in jest. The meaning of the extension of overtime has completely been misconstrued, and used to set fire to all the opposition and certain CEU students. The trouble is, the opposition has gone too far and made complete fools of themselves including the play acting in the MTVA and in Parliament. Strange how the same law is appropriate in the EU and the Western countries, and the hours are 416 per year and Hungary 400. It has also been stated in the law, that wages and overtime was to continue to be paid every month. The accessment of wages and overtime will be over a 3 year period instead of existing one year. The law was brought in to allow workers to work more overtime at their own digression if they wanted it, and time would be discussed with employee and employer. “It is not a SLAVE LAW”, because no one is being forced into any thing. If workers want to work more time and earn more money, they can do so up to 400 hours a year by asking their employer. Everthing that these demonstrations are based on, are excuses and lies set up by the opposition. These oppositions are not interested in the people or the country. All they are interested in is Political and aggressive power. Even if they succeeded in collapsing the government and took over, there is not one of them with the knowledge or skills to run a country. Gyurcsány proved that prior to 2010, when led Hungary into a state of bankrupsy. Fortunately, Orbán Viktor was waiting and over the past eight years has pulled this country out of the depth of depression and almost brankupsy and made the country into a country to be proud of. Over 800000 people given jobs, thousands of bilateral overseas agreements and trade, wage rises in excess of 50 and 60% and 70% in the next two years, and one of the highest economies in Europe. All within 8 years under a Democratic government of FIDESZ. This government has always stuck to what they say and come up with the goods. No one has the right to take this away from the people just for power and money in pockets. Think on Hungarians. Think of, not just your immediate future, but the future of your chidren and their children. I’M RIGHT, AREN’T I.

  6. As long as Hungary remains in the EU…a Graveyard for Failed States…Most now looking at Civil War & Famine…& the Augean Stable known as the European Parliament…(where Gyurcsany outranks Orban 10 to 1)…the Common Agricultural Policy (which could well leave Hungary unable to feed itself)…All Right…let’s say Mate Pal has a Point.

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