Futureal Group has started the construction of Corvin 5 office building in Budapest, Hungary. The first phase of the building, equipped with the latest environmentally friendly technologies is expected to be handed over by the end of 2018. The complex valued at EUR 90 million is also among the firsts to receive Well Building certification in Hungary since it has already been registered in the international process of the standard system.

The 27,000 square meter office complex will be located in the eastern side of Corvin Quarter in the immediate vicinity of Nokia Skypark office building. The new office complex at Corvin Promenade was designed to meet the requirements of the digital age. Erste Bank grants credit of more than EUR 45 million with a repayment period of 10 years for Futureal Group’s Corvin 5 project. The first phase of the complex will offer 14,200 square meters of GLA, while its second phase will have 12,800 square meters of GLA. The second phase will be handed over only six month after the first. With the new complex the total GLA of the Corvin offices will reach 100,000 square meters.

The ‘A’ category office building was designed according to the latest international standards, it received BREEAM Very Good certification at the planning phase. Additionally, Corvin 5 can be among the firsts to obtain the Well Building Standard certification in Hungary, which is based on aspects that have a positive impact on the health and well-being of employees. When constructing the office complex, a huge emphasis was put on designing the green environment, thus, an inner garden will be on the ground floor and the building will also get a roof terrace. Corvin 5 will be equipped with automated shading technology, energy-efficient mechanical systems, bicycle storage, shower, water-saving sanitary ware and electric car charger. Features that are crucial for tech companies, such as higher electrical capacity and dual power supply providing continuous, uninterrupted operation, has also received special attention.

An urban space with statue, fountain and seating features awaits passers-by in front of the office building. Around Corvin 5 nearly 100 shops, restaurants, cafés, a fitness-wellness center, laundry, post office, bank branches and a cinema can be found.

„Together with Corvin 5 we will be able to provide 100,000 square meters of GLA in Corvin Quarter, one of Budapest’s most frequented areas, which gives a new dynamism to a whole district. The solutions used in Corvin 5 enable the high-tech complex to fulfil the highest requirements of future tenants,” said Gábor Futó, founder of Futureal Group.

Source: Futureal Group – press release

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