Danube Bridge, Hungary, bridge, construction, building

Construction work on the brand-new Danube Bridge started in 2017 in Komárom (Komárom-Esztergom county). The structure of the bridge has already reached the Slovakian border which means that the longest and most difficult part of the bridge is ready.

The main reason for building the Danube Bridge is that it would make traffic easier, especially for trucks, because no other truck road between Hungary and Slovakia is provided near the bridge’s location – reports Portfolio. Moreover, the road to the bridge would not go through the town of Komárom, decreasing the already shocking amount of noise and air pollution. The longest part of the bridge on the  Slovakian side is completed, and the parts of the structure got in their final position.

Air pollution the cause of premature mortality for thousands of Hungarians

Danube Bridge, construction, Hungary, bridge
Photo: www.facebook.com/nifzrt

The length of the bridge is 600 metres.

The bridge will connect Hungarian main road 1 with Slovakian main road 63. The bridge has one pylon with sidelong cables – one pylon is approximately 95 metres high. It has five vents, three above the Danube and two on the Slovakian side.

Danube Bridge, Hungary, construction, bridge
Photo: www.facebook.com/nifzrt

The bridge will also feature sidewalks and bicycle zones.

The first part of the construction, which is 278 metres out of the final 600 metres, was installed on February the 14th. The 120-metre-high pylon is not ready yet at 42 metres.

The construction of the bridge continues on the Hungarian side soon.

Danube Bridge, construction, Hungary
Photo: www.facebook.com/nifzrt
Danube Bridge, Hungary, building, construction
Photo: www.facebook.com/nifzrt

Featured image: www.facebook.com/demokrata.hetilap

Source: www.portfolio.hu

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