More than 140 artworks (including brand new classics and the works of young talents and foreign artists) will be auctioned at the spring contemporary art auction of Blitz Galéria, held on 17 May inside the the former MEO building. At the last auction, the painting of the current governor of the Hungarian National Bank, György Matolcsy, by drMáriás, sold for six-time its price. 

The Blitz Galéria organizes its May auction-exhibiton at a representative venue, inside the former MEO building. The exhibition was opened by avant-garde painter András Wahorn’s subjective guided tour. Artists represented at the auction include such contemporary stars as Attila Szűcs, László Fehér, Imre Bak, Ilona Keserű, Tibor Csernus, László Mulasics and more, accompanied by a number of young artists.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Blitz is a pioneer of contemporary auctions in Hungary, offering buyers/collectors outstanding artworks which they would hardly find elsewhere. A significant percentage of the buyers are expats living in Budapest, who desire and expect to decorate their homes with quality Hungarian pieces of art.

“We’ve been working for a long time on livening up the market for contemporary Hungarian art and we’re terribly happy to return after a highly successful winter auction with another exciting set of artworks this spring. We sought to collect a number of attractively-priced artworks so as to make art collecting more appealing to the younger generation. Let’s do away with kitsch and posters and move in together with true art!” said Nóra Kováts, the head of Blitz Galéria.

Auction: 17 May, 7 PM (1042 József Attila utca 4-6)

Auction-exhibition: between 3 and 16 May, from 10 AM to 6 PM (1042 József Attila utca 4-6)



Source: Daily News Hungary

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