Kandalló Kert ruin bar photo: fb/kandallokert

Virtual reality videos and ruin bars seem to be two of the most popular trends of recent times, and luckily for us there’s a great site, Kolivri, which combined the two and thus invites us for a tour to some of the important scenes of the Budapest nightlife.

The phenomenon of ruin bars has been rather significant in Budapest for a while now and the city got quite famous for its wonderful places: Lonely Planet has named Szimpla Kert as one of the best ruin bars in the world (!), while The Times also took some time to appreciate 5 Budapest-located ruin bars.

No wonder then that foreigners and locals both have a thing for these special venues. Kolivri, a virtual reality player joined the club of sites calling attention to these locations, by uploading 360 degrees photos showing 10 such venues.

The beloved ruin bars are among the 16 things foreigners mention about Budapest

The locations available to look around in are Szimpla, Anker’t, Udvarrom, Mazel Tov, Liebling, Kandalló Kert, Instant, Füge Udvar, Fogasház and Ellátó Kert. So, anyone wondering about what a ruin bar looks like can now see it for themselves while sitting in the chair at home. For those wanting to go but uncertain about what they should visit (or the ones not certain about the order of the visits), this might help to decide.

Why not click here and take a look at these photos to get a taste of the ruin bar phenomenon and the enchanting Budapest nightlife? You might easily start planning your journey to Budapest and include the visits to these locales.

Photo: facebook.com/kandallokert

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Source: www.kolivri.com

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