The National Bank of Hungary places billions of banknotes in closed containers for two weeks which is the incubation period of the virus. The aim is to baulk the spread of the disease.

According to, the Chinese and South Korean banknotes are being sterilised by a particular method, so the measure of the National Bank of Hungary is not unique, at all. Based on experts, not only paper money but

also, ATMs can transmit the virus.

The virus can remain viable for days on plastic, paper (and paper money) and a couple of hours even on metal. Therefore, every expert strongly recommends everybody to wash their hands regularly. Interestingly, though the European hot zone of the disease is in Italy, there is no word about sterilising the Euro banknotes.

Meanwhile, the National Bank of Hungary puts into quarantine billions of forints each day for two weeks. Afterwards, they wrap the banknotes and send them through a tunnel heated to 160-170 Celsius degrees. Thanks to this measure and the modern technology they use, the risk of survival of the virus on the surface of the banknotes is minimal. Therefore,

withdrawing banknotes from ATMs is safe in Hungary.

Interestingly, not only banknotes but also ATMs can transmit the disease because, based on the latest findings, the virus remains viable on plastic, as well. Professor Günter Kampf examined other coronaviruses in this regard like SARS, and it remained virulent for 4-5 days on paper, glass, plastic and five days on metal. Therefore, it is vital that after touching shopping carts or door handles one should wash their hands as soon as possible.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Hungarian Operative Board dealing with problems connected to the coronavirus both strongly recommends everybody to wash and sterilise their hands every time they can.

Since everybody is talking about the coronavirus lately, many myths are spreading in the public related to the disease. Live Science collected some of these. For example, many think that getting the virus means a death sentence, but the truth is that its mortality is not much above two pc. “People who are older or have underlying health conditions seem to be most at risk of having severe disease or complications“, but this is why we have to be extremely careful to protect them. 

Another common myth is that if you eat in a Chinese restaurant, you can get the virus, but that is, of course, false. Furthermore, it is also safe to receive packages from China and even though people think that children cannot catch the disease that is simply not true. Everybody can catch it, but animals cannot spread it, which is good news for those having a pet.


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