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The total number of Hungarians who have already lost their job in Austria is 13 thousand, and those who live in Hungary but work in Austria are not included in this. The jobless rate in Austria will rise from 4.4 pc to 6.7 pc, since 170 thousand people have lost their job in one month.

According to G7, most of those who have already lost their jobs in Austria are foreign workers, mostly because they work in the sectors (tourism, catering) that were hit the hardest by the virus. Based on the calculations of the website, 79 pc of the employees are Austrians, but they make up “only” 61 pc of those who lost their jobs now. However, it is important to note that only those are registered in Austria as unemployed who live in the country.

But out of the 100 thousand Hungarians working in Austria, only 59 thousand live there, while 41 thousand commutes between the two sides of the border regularly. Therefore, the Austrian system does not include them, so they can receive help only from the Hungarian state.

Based on the numbers published by G7,

5 thousand Hungarians living in Austria have already lost their jobs in the catering sector. 

Meanwhile, only every 29th Austrian has lost their job. In the case of the Hungarians, this number is every 7th. The coronavirus and its economic consequences have impacted Hungarians so deeply because most of them work in the catering sector, but all restaurants and bars have been closed because of the epidemic.

The reduction was lower in sectors like the processing industry (4pc), while in finance, insurance, or IT, there was nothing at all. G7 argues that Hungarians who live in Austria

will probably not return home because they receive higher grants from Vienna.

Moreover, in their case, the rate of those working in the catering sector is lower. The website calculated how many people have lost their jobs among those commuting between the two sides of the border, and the result was 4,800, which is significant taking into consideration that most of them will expect help from the Hungarian state.


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