Márk Lakatos, a famous Hungarian stylist, being present on the fashion week in Milan, said his experiences to the biggest Hungarian TV Channel about the situation in Italy together with other Hungarians living there. They all talked about chaos and turmoil.

According to szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu, panic and chaos are starting to conquer Italy since the number of the coronavirus’s victims doubled in only one day. Most of them were reported from Lombardy; an old man died in Verona. The number of diseased is more than 200, 170 of them is Lombardy while 30 in Veneto region. There are further patients in Emilia Romagna, Piemont and Lazio.

Seven people already died because of the virus.

500 km away from the Hungarian border two regions were put in quarantine where more than 50 thousand people live. Life has stopped there, the shops are empty, some stores did not even open while factories, offices, schools and churches closed for a week. The roads leading to the two infected regions of Italy have been closed by the local police and those trying to get through are checked.

For example, Milan became a ghost city in the last few days; the streets are almost empty. Márk Lakatos, a famous Hungarian stylist and showman who arrived home on Monday from the Milan Fashion Week 2020, said that everybody could sense a kind of tension during the whole event and those taking part were checked by the authorities already when they arrived. Furthermore, he added that a rising number of people wore masks during the shows, which scared him a bit. He highlighted that the same happened at the airport and in the hotels.

RTL Klub’s Fókusz managed to talk with Hungarians living in the Veneto region. They said that there is panic only in the quarantine zones and only among foreigners, locals try to keep the orders of the authorities carefully. Alexandra Foresto added that there were some infected in Padova county, but authorities observe to hinder the proliferation of the virus. Therefore, they isolated the village where those people live, and they do everything they can to keep the epidemic under control.

Glória Kozma said that there is huge turmoil and people are scared. She says that many of their clients cancel meetings because of the virus. According to her, the reaction of the Italian health care system is satisfying, hospitals are prepared for the epidemic, and people understand that the measures authorities introduce are for their security.

A Hungarian high school group of 11, two teachers and two drivers were put in quarantine for two weeks after they returned from a journey in North Italy last Sunday. 

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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