According to Italian and Chinese medical experience, the cure for malaria can be successfully used for the coronavirus. The Hungarian government, therefore, banned the export of this material. The remaining amount would be enough to cure 2.2 million people.

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HVG reported that on Wednesday (March 26), the government made the decision of banning the export of this medical formula to foreign countries and to use it to cure patients who have been affected with the virus. 

The decision includes the ban of exporting the chemical formula, doxycycline sulfate, and all medicine which has this material. 

This material will be used to produce medicine for those who have been infected with the coronavirus; a therapeutic method some countries already have tried. In the Central European region, Hungary has the largest amount of this chemical formula of approximately four tonnes.

China and Italy reportedly have cured infected people with doxycycline sulfate before. The available amount would be enough to produce 20 million 200-gramme pills for 2.2 million patients. 

Although the idea might be promising, many countries have emphasised that the coronavirus does not have a cure yet. 

Featured image: Budapest, Hungary, MTI/NNK


  1. The maximum recommended dose is 500mg (milligrams) which is 1/2 a gram, twice a day. Even 1.8 grams can be fatal. So where does this story about 200 gram pills come from? Daily News Hungary really should check facts more carefully (or have better proof readers).

  2. Hungary to produce medicine to stop the epidemic? ‘According to Italian and Chinese medical experience, the cure for malaria can be successfully used for the coronavirus.’

    What complete and utter nonsense.

    This is what is known for sure:
    ‘research from China has shown that patients who were treated with the drugs fought off coronavirus no more quickly than those who didn’t get it. Indeed, one patient given hydroxychloroquine severely worsened in condition while four patients on the medicine developed signs of liver damage’ source March 28.

    Or how about “In general if hydroxychloroquine really, really worked, and it was a magic drug for COVID-19, we would know it by now,” says Dr. David Sullivan, professor of microbiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and an infectious disease physician at the university’s malaria research institute. “Right now we have no clinical evidence that it works.”

  3. I do not understand why we do not find out more about the drug called Favipiravir (Avigan).
    Japan used it with success and no side effects?????

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