According to Marcell Nagy, secretary of the Hungarian Chamber of Doctors, making the coronavirus vaccines mandatory in the country is absolutely possible.

According to Szabad Európa, secretary of the Hungarian Chamber of Doctors (Magyar Orvosi Kamara, MOK), Marcell Nagy does not have any doubts about the coronavirus vaccine – he already received it. He says the Chief Medical Officer of Hungary can order the vaccines to be mandatory and there is a possibility that it will indeed happen.

Employers can decide on making the coronavirus vaccine mandatory for the employees – if the conditions make it necessary –, which is standard for example in Hungary, certain jobs already require some vaccines (rabies vaccine for rangers, or Hepatitis B for healthcare workers). Consequently, those who are not vaccinated will not be able to work in certain positions.

According to the MOK secretary, if the employees’ immunisation is necessary for safe working conditions, the employer can make a vaccine mandatory based on current rules. It could be the case, for example, at Semmelweis University, where employees will likely be required either to be vaccinated or take tests every two days.

On the other hand, countries can require certain vaccinations prior to entering. If one wants to spend a longer time in Hungary, tuberculosis, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, measles, rubella, mumps, Hib, Hepatitis B, pneumococcus, and chickenpox vaccines are mandatory at the moment.

But whether the coronavirus vaccine should be mandatory is not only a matter of healthcare but also a matter of economy, politics, and law as it affects the whole society.

According to lawyers, if the vaccines will not be mandatory, those who say no to it will have to be treated equally. At the same time, for example, large events can require guests to be vaccinated, but schools, on the other hand, not likely. There will also be people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and therefore have to live with some inconveniences.

Even though some people think getting the vaccine is their own decision, in the case of contagious diseases, it is different as they can put others who for some reason cannot receive the vaccine at risk.

“If we want to have our lives back, the only choice is the vaccine – we have to make this clear” – says Nagy. He says doctors, in general, do not hesitate to get the vaccine, but other healthcare workers sometimes have doubts. According to him, good internal communication in healthcare systems, as well as social media, are essential to increase people’s willingness. As we have already reported, the acceptance towards vaccines already seems to be growing.

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Source: Szabad Európa

  1. Wtf…?!?! Is the world going insane??? Mandatory vaccines, concentration camps for those who reject being tested and vaccinated ( yes!! It is happening!!!) Seriously, what will it take for people to wake up to what is happening?

  2. I agree with Laszlo Derek.

    Vaccines are safe, they work, and we must all get vaccinated unless we want to live in the present fashion for the next five or ten years. This is the only weapon we have in order to put a swift end to the pandemic, so.let’s use the weapon. After all, this is why we have science and technologies, to use them and not just to masturbate our brains ( forgive my vocabulary… )
    Of course, obligation should not be for those people who are at risk and can not be inoculated because of age or due to specific conditions.

  3. Totally agree – Mario – its all a bit of a wank (forgive my word usage) – and lets just get the job done ASAP.
    Medical Science – lisen to it and take its Advice and get Immunized otherwise as referred by Mario, next decade will be cataclysmic.
    Those in society deemed through underlying illnesses – age or other – on advice and signed off by Medical Practitioners – who can’t be immunized – we will tolerate and adjust them in our communities.
    Get vaccinated – NOW.

  4. I cannot wait to receive mine .I am 87 and in average health .My Med Centre tell me March/ April is a likely time..I have no complaints about that .I shall wait for my time to come around…
    However I do think that the vaccine should not be an excuse to let ones guard down..
    Good luck to everyone ..and patience when required..

  5. In Hungary we do not need of this poison, marcel nagy is a retard fullish man.

  6. In Hungary we do not need of this poison, marcel nagy is a retard fullish man.

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