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Soon, the coronavirus vaccine will become available in private medical institutions, based on the website of one of the private companies.

It is already possible to book an appointment at the International Vaccination Center – for a fee. According to their information, if someone is not a prominent person in the state vaccination line, e.g. not a health or social worker, or is over 65 years of age, they can even get the vaccine from the vaccination centre.

However, we still need to wait a little more for this, pointed out one of the private labs.

Due to the considerable vaccine shortage not only in Hungary, but also in other European Union countries, it is not possible to use this opportunity now.

Currently, there is no possibility to give the coronavirus vaccine in a private medical institution. We are continuously negotiating with European wholesalers of medicines. However, an individual import license will be needed to allow healthcare companies to start giving vaccinations – revealed Dr Zsuzsanna Béres, head of the Buda Private Medical Center.

She also added that “the interest is already huge, especially among those who would have to wait long months for the vaccine according to the vaccination plan, and it is important for them to get protection as soon as possible. Respectively, many people do not have valid health insurance in the Hungarian health care system. They cannot register in this system either.”

As the Hungarian news portal Index reports,

there are currently five vaccines available in Hungary; however, the expert believes that the approval of vaccines will speed up.

Based on the announcement of The European Commissioner for Health, Stella Kiriakidis, the Brussels Committee decided that not all the stages of the authorisation procedure should be carried out for improved versions of vaccines already marketed. As newer vaccines and medicines are being approved in the European Union under an accelerated process, it will be possible to get a vaccine to protect against mutations faster.

According to the expert, soon – by the end of March or April – it will be possible for patients to choose among the coronavirus vaccines.

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