reports that Costes Downtown became the fifth Michelin starred restaurant in the capital city of Hungary. Opened only in 2015 and located in Vigyázó Ferenc Street the restaurant joined Costes, Onyx, Borkonyha and Tanti on the list of Hungarian places awarded with one star. The site refers to an interview, made by Világevő blog, with Károly Gerendai, owner of Costes Downtown, who was beyond surprised aside happy. He said that they were considering their chances but hoping for a star only in the next few years.

The Michelin star is given to exceptional restaurants after a strict evaluation, which includes an incognito visit by the reviewers (inspectors). Many restaurants are visited in a year but only a few of them receive the award. One, two and three stars can be given. To become awarded with three stars a restaurant should provide a gastronomical experience which in itself is worth travelling for. Last year there were 58 three-starred restaurants in Europe, most of them in France.

Tamás Széll, chef of Onyx told Index that only after having five or six one-starred restaurants in Hungary will it be possible for a restaurant to receive two Michelin stars. As Costes Downtown is the fifth to receive the award, it might come soon.

In the region of Central-Europe restaurants of Prague and Warsaw also became awarded with Michelin stars, however, Budapest kept its first position with five Michelin starred restaurants in the region.

Furthermore, the restaurant Petrus was given the Bib Gourmand rating for great food at reasonable price. While Déryné lost its rating, Laci!Konyha successfully preserved it.

translated by Fanni Grajzel


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