According to, the government is to install traffic camera systems at the most crowded intersections of Budapest District VII. Local authorities are working on the project, which would probably serve as a great source of revenue from traffic offences.

It has been a popular opinion in the capital that with the installation of traffic camera systems, the government aims not to prevent criminal acts, but rather to increase the revenues from driving offences.

The proposal will be on the forthcoming General Assembly of Budapest’s agenda, where District VII mayor Zsolt Vattamány will be presenting it to the committee.

In the proposal, Vattamányi will explain that in the three big intersections: Erzsébet Boulevard-Király Street, Erzsébet Boulevard-Wesselényi Street, and Dózsa György Avenue-István Avenue “it has become reasonable to install traffic camera systems, because they could observe and prove traffic offences more efficiently.”

In the capital, it is well known fact that traffic is excessively high in these intersections, therefore the proposal is likely to be approved by the assembly. The installation “will further strengthen public order and public safety,” concludes the document.

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translated by Gábor Hajnal



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