Anti-Semitism is present “across the whole of Hungarian society” and “we have something to do against that phenomenon”, András Heisler, the head of Jewish federation Mazsihisz, said on Tuesday at a press conference disclosing the results of a recent survey.

He added, however, that “there are fears within the Jewish community, but Hungary does not have the kind of anti-Semitism from which those fears should directly follow”. He argued that physical attacks on Jewish people had not been reported in Hungary recently and

“Hungary in that sense is in a better position than other countries in Europe”.

To illustrate the situation, Heisler said that during the first bat mitzvah ceremony held in the renovated Budapest’s Rumbach Sebestyén Street synagogue, the parents of the 12 girls concerned rejected a request for filming the event in fear of what would happen if their colleagues, neighbours and acquaintances found out that they are Jews.

Despite the government’s affirmative decisions, anti-Semitism is still present in society as a whole, Heisler said. The share of anti-Semites is still high among the supporters of all political parties and “insinuating half-sentences pertaining to and insulting us” are still prevalent, he said.

Citing 2019 data, Endre Hann, the head of pollster Medián, said that

36 percent of Hungary’s adult population could be considered anti-Semitic.

Anti-Semitism is usually combined with a pro-order, conservative or extreme-right way of thinking, its advocates brand homosexuality as immoral, would limit the number of people of colour in Hungary, introduce strict anti-abortion and anti-migration measures, and support the re-introduction of capital punishment, he said.

There are staunch anti-Semites among the followers of all parties,

he said, adding that 40 percent of them are supporting Fidesz, 16 percent Jobbik, 9 percent the Democratic Coalition, 8 percent the Socialists and 2 percent Momentum.

In 2019 the largest share of anti-Semites was registered in the Jobbik camp, Hann said.

All in all, anti-Semitism is not in the focus of public thinking in Hungary, and the general perception of Jews is much better than that of other ethnic groups, he said.

kozma street cemetery
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Source: MTI

  1. This could be a case of Beware the Sleeping Tiger.
    Beware then, it is from the depths of a mirror’s shadow – the sleeping tiger comes.
    Hopefully the tiger stays sleeping and not woken by publications or articles of this theme and the tiger continues it’s sleep, into Eternity.

  2. This is a weird statement. Jewish people are safest in Hungary. The Orban Government does not tolerate Anti-Semitism. Hungary, has proven, that the country is a true ally of Israel. by its international voting record.

    And yes, migrants do not belong in Hungary. All countries that accepted a great number of refugees/migrants are struggling with high percentage of crime and costly support because these people either cannot or will not accept work (in Germany, only 37% of Syrian refugees from 2015 are employed). Although capital punishment is not desirable but some people deserve it, all child molesters are good candidates for that punishment. Another fallacy is that LGBT people are not accepted in the country, that is
    a lie, no discrimination is allowed against LGBT members.

    Heisler is probably a Soros supporter, thereby his mentioning migration. Heisler would be one of those people who would support the democrats in the US even though the US democrats are Anti-Semitic. Pelosi,
    the Speaker of the Congress refused to pass an anti discrimination law against Jewish people. Heisler should appreciate that he lives in a country where he is free and safe.

  3. 36 % is an underestimation. Actual percentage must be much higher than that, and so it must be in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Czechia, Slovakia, Balkans… Anti-semitism ( something very different from criticism of Israel ) is well rooted in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and it much older than Hitler and his barbarism.

  4. Mario, the 37% employment or 63% unemployment was published by popular leftist German news paper DW.
    Friendly relationship towards Israel shows an acceptance, sympathy and liking of Jewish people.

    Jewish people are the safest in Hungary. In Western Europe, crime against Jewish population is on the rise. If Wester Europe would have be serious protecting its Jewish population, it would strengthen laws against discrimination and attacks.

  5. How wrong is Heisler. The right wing presidents like Orban or Trump give full support to Israel. On the opposite, the leftist globalist agenda is completely anti Semitic and anti Israel. Try to walk dressing like a Jew in Paris, all the Muslims and leftists supporting Muslims and Palestine will show they hate immediately. There are videos about it. In Western leftists globalists countries, there is an open speech of hate against Jews.

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