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Hungary faced enormous challenges after the massive arrivals of migrants and refugees during 2015 and 2016 but several measures taken to respond to the situation raise serious concerns about the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms of migrants and refugees, a report by the Council of Europe (CoE) Secretary-General’s Special Representative on migration and refugees Tomas Bocek published on Thursday said.

Bocek evaluated the situation of asylum-seekers in Serbia and Hungary in the nearly 40-page report, which is based on a fact-finding visit he paid to the two countries in June this year. He visited several reception centres in Serbia and migrant transit zones in Röszke and Tompa in southern Hungary, also meeting representatives of local authorities and civil organisations.

“The confinement of asylum-seekers in the Röszke and Tompa transit zones raises questions about de facto deprivation of their liberty”,

Bocek said in the report. He identified the confinement of children in these transit zones, including unaccompanied children between the ages of 14 and 18, as a matter which demands measures to be urgently taken. The report calls for setting up a guardianship system for children between the ages of 14 and 18.

“The primary consideration should be the best interest of the child. Every effort should be made to avoid resorting to the deprivation of liberty of migrant and refugee children on the sole ground of their migration status,” he said in the report.

“It is essential that the right to seek asylum, including effective access to asylum procedures and effective appeal mechanisms, is guaranteed to every migrant and refugee,” he added.

Bocek said the state of cleanliness and the hygienic conditions were good in the transit zones but “at the time of our visit there were several complaints by asylum-seekers about unbearable heat inside the containers.”

“Some unaccompanied children with whom we met complained that the food they received was not sufficient,” he added.

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Source: MTI

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  1. Council of Europe report: Hungarian measures raise serious concerns.
    I am stunned about this because the Hungarian Administration is just following the details of Schengen and Dublin. By doing this the brave Hungarian people protect Northern Europe against ‘immigrants’. Their only reason is come here is money, good life, attacking women and killing people with a different religion. Here is a clear statement that is supported by many Dutch:
    The EU is not Europe and Europe is not the EU!
    The party- and the media cartel call the EU consciously Europe. They play a game with us. We have had a lot with the parties of the party- and the media cartel that say ‘Europe’ if they actually mean the ‘European Union’. The reason for this frustrates me is that this is not a ‘mistake’ on their part. The mainstream media repeat the slogans of the current rulers and their hobbies, call the European Union Europe, like their masters do. That is not a mistake, it is a distortion of the facts. Europe is our beautiful continent with different countries, different kinds of cultures, languages and peoples. Europe is a definite fact. I mean: there can no longer be countries or countries. Europe is Europe’.
    And that of course is exactly why the elite call ‘Europe’ and the ‘European Union’ and treat that as synonyms. They want to give the voters the impression that the European Union is as inviolable as the European continent. It exists. That’s just the way it is. Deal with it. By calling the undemocratic organization EU ‘Europe’, the technocrats in Brussels try to build-up something that will never exist. Therefore, the European Union must become a solid fact, so they call it to our continent, which is just a regular scam – just like the Dutch participation in a European Public Prosecutor. Pure scams because the Dutch decided by a majority in the House of Representatives not to do that. And now we’ll do that. VVD, CDA and CU were until recently strongly against such a European Public Prosecutor because they considered this as a huge violation of the Dutch national sovereignty. But yes, then the negotiations started to build-up an administration and apparently it is more important for those parties to deliver some ministers than to ensure our national sovereignty. As we say: Everything is done to plead D66, the party that is beginning to look like the 5th column of the Great European Empire. In the past people have been put in jail for less. But nowadays we live in times when ‘land treason is not a problem if you call yourself European, which nowadays means blind to follow Juncker and Timmermans and not that you come from Europe. Then I have to mention some statements by the President of the European Commission, the Luxembourg squad Jan-Kloot (idiot) Druncker. He recently announced that he can never support the Catalan people because this would mean that a new Member State might come to the EU. And it’s all hard enough now with the number of Member States. But since when are we interested in his opinion? What does his opinion mean? Well, since the European Union has made it clear that we, the European people, whatever we want they will not listen to us. Violence is no problem anymore. Political prisoners are no problem anymore. Human rights violations are no problem anymore. Restricting democracy is no problem anymore. The European Union is beginning to behave more like the old Soviet-Union; as a totalitarian state where counter speech is life threatening. However, there is one advantage: we know how it went down with the Soviet Union.

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