Budapest, September 18 (MTI) – Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs called it a “serious incident” that Croatia’s authorities had sent some 1,000 migrants on a train across the border to southern Hungary, at a press conference at Beremend on Friday evening.

Kovacs said that the train, accompanied by 40 Croatian police officers, had arrived without prior notification, raising the suspicion of border violation and other crimes. The engine-driver was taken into custody, and an investigation has been launched, he said.



Gyorgy Bakondi, the prime minister’s chief domestic security adviser, added that the Croatian police officers had been disarmed.

Kovacs called it unacceptable that an EU member state does not abide by the European rules and even promotes illegal migration.

The migrants are being transported to the reception centres that are operating as registration points, such as Szentgotthard, Kormend and Vamosszabadi in western Hungary, Kovacs said.

Hungary will continue to protect its borders, and complete a security fence along a 41-kilometre section of the Croatian border as soon as possible, he said.

Kovacs also called it a “lie” that the crowds of migrants had been allowed to cross into Hungary under a bilateral agreement.

Bakondi said that the movement of migrants within Croatia was being directed by a gang of people smugglers, with political consent.

He said that so far 4,400 migrants had crossed the Hungarian-Croatian border and another 1,000 to 1,200 are expected to arrive.

He said that on Saturday 700 soldiers and 800 police officers would be regrouped to the border section most exposed to the wave of migrants.

Photo: MTI


  1. Why didn’t you send them back to Croatia? every country is trying to get rid of this [email protected]#t and they just keep on coming. I have seen them on the news, they are so violent…they fight with each other like crazy. PLEASE DEPORT ALL OF THEM FROM HUNGARY!!! if it is necessary than leave the EU. The people of Hungary do not want violent terrorists next door!!!!!!!!

  2. When are the EU Commissioners going to wake up and do something about this terrible mess that they and Merkle have made. All they have done so far is to go into their bunkers like frightened rabbits leaving other countries to try and sort this problem out now and not sometime in the future if at all.
    All this proves is that the EU is an undemocratic organisation made up of a leadership who are now beyond their mental capabilities and having caused this terrible mess have not the accumen nor the will to sort it out. Are we awaiting for this debacle to turn nasty? which it shortly will .

    We need proper leadership now, today to sort it out the EU not being fit for purpose.

  3. Very few look like they are war refugees, most look like they are dressed to go on holiday.

  4. the E.U. and U.N. are anti-Central and Southern Europe. Merkel and her cronies are intent on breaking up the E.U. and getting rid of the “weak link” The only problem, is that Central and Southern Europe are the only countries willing to stop this mass exodus of migrants. The muslims, on the other hand are using “divide and conquer” and it is working.

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