Budapest, 2017. április 29. A Tweed Run Budapest baráti társaság múltidézõ kerekezése a budapesti Szabadság hídon 2017. április 29-én. MTI Fotó: Mohai Balázs

According to, a great cycling investment is predicted to start in the capital city in 2018. The joint project of Budapest and its districts will concern 16 districts.

“The capital city and its districts entered the Competitive Central Hungary operative programme, in the frameworks of which they received 8.3 billion forints from the European Union” said Áron Halász, the spokesman for the Hungarian Cycling Club. He added that the plans of the new cycling traffic network are currently being worked on, and they are trying to figure out the most efficient way of using the sources.

“If the constructions go well, 21% of Budapest, so almost its quarter, 112 kilometres will become available for cyclists. There are currently 150-200 kilometres of cycle tracks including the yellow lines, painted on the sidewalks, that are quite outdated (some are simply outgrown by the cycling community), the two-way streets, cycling lanes and non-busy paths recommended for cycling.”

The spokesman emphasized that this was a huge opportunity for Budapest, but added that a lot of things that cyclists want would still not come true. “The cycling issue of the Great Boulevard will still not be solved, but there are several projects that can help a lot”.

For instance, there’s going to by a cycle track along Rákos Stream between the Danube and the border of the city, and Rákoskeresztúr will be connected to the city centre.

“There’s also going to be developments in the 3rd, 13th, 18th, 11th, 2nd, 12th districts and Csepel (22nd district), Újpest (4th district), Soroksár (23rd district), Kőbánya (10th district), Árpádföld (16th district), Kispest (19th district) and Pesterzsébet (20th district).”

The licensing plans will be made in autumn, while the construction works will start next year and they will probably last for 5 five years.

Photo: MTI

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