Ciara Storm Hungary
MTI/Varga György

Storm Ciara reached Hungary, and it disrupted train services in many parts of the country, pulled out trees from the ground, it “tilted” Lake Balaton and caused severe headache to every pilot trying to land with their plane. We collected some terrifying videos below.

According to, the storm caused 106 km/h gusts in the downtown of Sopron (Western-Hungary) while in Zalaegerszeg this strength was 106 km/h, in Pécs 90 km/h, in Dunaújváros 80 km/h and in Mezőberény 51 km/h. The effects of the cyclone are perceptible in many other countries, for example, a plane of the British Airways broke the subsonic record of the flight time between New York and London with only 4 hours and 56 minutes (5,554 km) which is 80 minutes less than the usual flight time. 

The situation is terrible near Lake Balaton, as well. The wind is extreme there and massive waves are flooding the neighbourhood of the shores of the lake. Video below:

Опубліковано Időkép Понеділок, 10 лютого 2020 р.

According to, on Sunday, in Birmingham, the pilots of the Hungarian low-cost airline, Wizz Air, struggled hard with the strong wind. It is not surprising that a lot of flights have been cancelled due to the storm even in Budapest. The most significant problems caused by the cyclone are in the United Kingdom, in Belgium and the Netherlands. Pilots have to tackle with 100-120 km/h gusts. Here is the video:

And this is how it felt from the inside:




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