Index shared the terrifying news that the singer was almost attacked onstage by a maniac. Anna Pásztor, the singer of the very popular Hungarian band, Anna & the Barbies opened up about the scary story in a live Facebook stream on Saturday evening.

The police took the attacker into custody on Friday night during the concert. He attended the show in the busy Budapest Park with a knife hidden in his shoes with the intent to attack the singer of Anna & the Barbies.

Before the attack

As Anna Pásztor explained in her Facebook video, the man had been bothering her for a long time now. First, he kept sending love messages to her private Facebook page. “He has been writing to me for about a year now, saying how much he is in love with me and how he will fulfil that love.”

The upset singer asked the man to leave her alone in vain, he would not stop.

“My partner pleaded with him as well. I told him that I am a mother of two, and I am not interested in any relationships, do not want to start anything.” However, the maniac could not restrain himself. When Anna blocked him, he simply created new profiles and kept besieging her with his messages. The singer got 196 pages worth of letters from five accounts altogether.

After a point the man was threating her with killing the members of her family and band one by one.

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Smuggling the knife in

The man attended the concert with a knife and was captured by the Budapest Park security service based on his image. They managed to find him among about five thousand guests and handed him over to the police.

Index interviewed the managing director of the venue, Budapest Park. Dániel Kólya told them that the maniac was apprehended in the first half of the concert by their security team. “The band notified us in advance regarding the attacker, and they sent us a photo. We distributed this photo to everyone in our security staff, and all our on-duty members were looking for him. We also informed the IX. District Police Station before the concert so they were patrolling in the neighbourhood.”

According to Kólya the man, who had a valid ticket, was taken into a 72-hour-long custody by the police around 10 p.m and put up no resistance.

Until then he was watched over by the Park security. “He smuggled in the small knife in his shoes, and unfortunately we are not authorised to check clothes or to search our guests, but all possible security checks are regular in the Park”, the managing director ensured all.

Despite the circumstances, Anna declared the concert to be one of the best gigs this year.

“Nobody gets to threaten my band and my family” she said at the end of her video.

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