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A Danish photographer, Andreas Hvid, got into the news recently because he posted a video of himself and his girlfriend climbing up to the Great Pyramid of Gizah and making love there. According to his Instagram profile, it seems they visited Budapest in June and November as well last year.

Andreas works as a photographer, and he likes to shoot photos with erotic content at the most extreme locations where he travels, like the Chain Bridge in Budapest from where he posted in 2017, claims Blikk. By taking off her clothes, his model violated the cult place, locals say. The photo has been deleted in the meantime; only a “normal” one is available.


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His recordings triggered great public outrage in Egypt as well, where he climbed up to the Great Pyramid of Gizah with his girlfriend;

the woman took off her clothes in front of the camera, and then in the last scene, they are lying on the top of the pyramid naked in the missionary position.

Andreas recorded the events and uploaded it to one of the popular video sharing sites. His girlfriend even lit a cigarette afterwards, but that was only the icing on the cake.

“We climbed up to the Great Pyramid with a friend of mine in November 2018. I was afraid the guards would spot us, so I have not recorded us sneaking for hours in the pyramid field before that.”

He had reason to be afraid for sure since it is forbidden to climb the pyramids, and Egyptians try to enforce this rule. The ancient buildings are surrounded by an 18 km long fence, and no one can enter the area after 5 PM. Andreas has been ruffling feathers for years by making racy pictures on the top of buildings.

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