We can’t seem to get off winter, can we? Truth is, most of us are dazzled by the wintertime weather, because it has been quite some time since it produced such beautiful sensations in Hungary. And it keeps on inspiring photographers and videographers, who are able to capture the beauty of nature for us. This time, we bring you two new videos about the encounter of Lake Balaton with winter. 

Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu writes that Lake Balaton’s first ice merry-go-round was created recently. Some people call it an ice stage, and it is quite a genial idea. “We love wild ideas and challenges” writes BL YachtClub & Apartments, who came up with the idea, on their Facebook page.  Well, the idea is truly unique, if one watches the video, it seems like a lot of fun 🙂

The other video was shot by Norbert Varga, whose videos we already featured a few weeks ago. His newest video depicts the frozen Balaton, which almost seems like and endless sea. It was filmed in the neighbourhood of Tihany, Szántód and Fonyód. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly get the urge to visit the “Hungarian Sea” 🙂

Copy editor: bm

Source: Daily News Hungary

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